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Spam gets Socl


Microsoft have thrown open the gates to their new social network, Socl (which has a faint whiff of Pinterest about it and is also pronounced “social”. No, really).

It didn’t take spammers very long to sink their claws in: below we have all the Canadian Pharmacy spam you can eat (though it would be better if you didn’t):

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The above links all currently lead to a page touting a 404 error. We’re not the only ones to notice the spam action, and we can only hope Microsoft have a Banhammer in place to deal with what will no doubt be a bump up in bad content as word of the latest social network to hit the ground running spreads across the news.

We haven’t come across any Malware links yet, but as with Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter end-users shouldn’t abandon common sense in favour of shiny, blinky things carrying a sting in the tail.

Christopher Boyd

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THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018



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