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According to OMC’s data, a full 19 percent of all “conversational” email is now tracked. That’s one in five of the emails you get from your friends. And you probably never noticed. Read More

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If you receive an e-mail supposedly from the ‘Bank of America’, with an alleged expenses report attached, make sure you do not open it. Delete it at once. The subject of the e-mail states that this is a ‘”statement of expenses” report notification, with a matching message inside, tagged with the ‘Bank of America’ logo […]

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This fake Facebook spam leads to malware onDate:      Mon, 29 Jul 2013 09:33:38 -0600 [11:33:38 EDT]From:      Facebook [[email protected]]Subject:      Betsy Wells wants to be friends with you on Facebook.    Interesting Pages on FacebookMark as favorite web pages that interest you to receive their updates in your News Feed.�Betsy WellsBetsy Wells    Baldric AguinoAstrid Aggas    […]

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