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CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner, which is a glorious name) is a handy program used to remove unwanted files, fix borked registry entries and more besides.

There’s a website located at myccleaner(dot)ru which claims to be offering up multiple versions / builds of CCleaner:

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It’s also offering you the chance to part with your money in various spectacular ways. At time of writing, none of the download links work save for one: “ccsetup303.exe”. Unfortunately for us, this is what’s known in the business as “a very bad thing”. Check it out:

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Things look reasonably normal at this point, but then it all goes horribly wrong:

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It’s not quite all the tea in China, but it is every payment method under the Sun. SMS, paid call, credit card, terminals, Paypal, webmoney and so on. Click some of the links, and they show you all the fun ways you can cough up some dough to (theoretically) get your hands on the program up for grabs. Here’s an example:

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Most of the payment methods seem to clock in at around $5 USD. Not sure I’d chance it personally – you’d be much better off going to the official site and grabbing it there instead. As for ccsetup303.exe, it has a 29/43 score on VirusTotal and we detect it as Hoax.Win32.ArchSMS. You also score one whole cool point if you got the Simpsons reference in the title.

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