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Black Hat USA researchers tested more than 30,000 types of malware to learn the effectiveness of endpoint security tools – and they’ll demonstrate how they did it.
If your business has recently shopped for an endpoint security tool, you’ve heard the hype.

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In 2016, the Mirai Botnet hijacked over half a million DVRs and IP cameras, redirecting traffic from these endpoints to some of the internet’s largest brands and taking many services offline. To those in the security community, the attack wasn’t surprising; typically, affordable, commodity internet devices are poorly secured.

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There has been a steady stream of reports and claims lately that many of us no longer need endpoint security, that antivirus (AV) programs on our PCs are worthless. Gizmodo flat out said that you really don’t need an antivirus app anymore, arguing that Windows 10 and the browsers have tightened up security to the point that they adequately protect end users.

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